Epic battles!  Tournaments!  Entertainment!  Friday and Saturday feast! Casino night is back!


May 4th at 5 pm through May 7th at 9 am

Group Camp 1, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee
Pre-registration opens on March 5th at 7 pm


Children's Highland Games

  • CaberToss: Kids will flip a 'log' end-over-end. Scores are rated based on how close to 12 O'clock it lands.
  • Clach Neart (rock Toss): The goal is to throw a 'rock' as far as possible. 
  • Haggis Toss: While standing in a small circle kids will throw a 'rock' underhand as far as possible. 
  • Hammer Toss: After spinning in at least three full circles Kids will throw a 'hammer' towards a target area. 
  • Sheaf Toss: A 'pitch fork' will be used to hurl a burlap sack over their head into a target behind them. 
  • Border Reiver: While on their knees the kids will gather candy that has been placed around the field. 


Casino Night

We know this is the real reason that you all come to Beltane, the chance to wager big and win bigger!

This year we will have a few new games, and many of the classic favorites. We will be hosting our always famous fighting pit in the feast hall. Come, fight, and wager for, or against those in the pit. You will be able to bet against the house or against fellow fighters.

Along side the fighting pit we will also have our second most popular game 'Goblin Strong Arm.' This is a game of strength, cunning, and mobility. You need not all three, if you excel in the other areas. For this game the house will sponsor a player, if you can defeat them you will win a prize!

We will be introducing a new game to casino night as well, Kings Gold, it is a dice game where your riches and fate live in the roll of the dice. Each player must pay to play, the house will match, and the winner takes all! We will also have a few other new games that will be announced closer to the event. 


Three great feasts

  • Friday feast: We will be serving our ever popular kale, sausage and potato soup. We will have assorted fruits available as well, as side items. We will also have a Vegan option available. 
  • Saturday Breakfast: We will have biscuits, sausage gravy and a vegetarian gravy and biscuits option. Get up, get moving and get some grub.
  • Saturday Feast:This meal will be Ham pineapple, chicken with sweet potatoes, and a vinaigrette salad, with fruits and rolls.  



•   Warlord of the North: Sir Galin of Numenor
•   Warlord of the East: Battle Lord Yose of the Cu Sith
•   Warlord of the South :Warlord Shadow of Dur Demarion
•   Warlord of the West: Santiago father of the Ozarks

Themed Battles: 

Are you ready for the MOST epic battle?
We have it planned for you and your closest 400+ friends!


Battle Scenarios and  Rules:

  • Save the Civilians: The Imperiums are fighting to defend the Civilians from the onslaught of the invading Chaos army. The Imperiums are defending their Citizens (rocks) using swords and shields against the Chaos army wielding a single sword. The Chaos army must attempt to use their vast numbers to overwhelm the Imperium, sweep in fast and snatch up the Civilians from the city and return the to the waste lands where they will be imprisoned forever. The Imperium must fight to defend the Civilians and help return any civilian that gets taken to the waste land back to the city limit.  This is a timed game, and the teams will be stacked in favor of the Chaos armies. Chaos must move all the Civilians to their prison before time is up.  
  • Last Army Standing: Each warlord will line up with their armies, each in a different corner of the field. The battles will continue until only one army remains. These will be the biggest fights, and will test your skill with a sword and your Warlords ability to muster a well rounded, or maybe just overwhelmingly large force.
  • Four Corners Battle for relics: Each army will have a few Relics in a shrine that needs to  be defended. If your team loses their Relics they will no longer be able to respawn.  The goal of the game is to destroy the other armies. Each team has a limited number of respawns, so if you can't steal their relics then you just need to slaughter them over and over. If your Relics are stolen you are not able to respawn until they are returned to your shrine. Warriors will respawn in groups of five. Spawn camping and holding another teams empty shrine will be against the rules. 
  • Warlords Last Stand: Each army will be given 100 rez’s. Upon the exhaustion of all 100 rez’s warrior deaths will be permanent for the duration of this battle. Once a warlord is killed after the rez’s are all used the rest of the warlords army dies as well. For this final battle the power of the gods are with the warlord and his lieutenants. The warlord will deal red strikes with any melee weapon they us. The lieutenants and the warlord will be immune to missile weapons. 



•    Single Blue

•    Sword and Board

•    Red Sword

•    Pole Arm

•    Archery

•    Javelin

•    Pairs tournament (2v2)


Assassins Tournament

•    Rules to come. 


Cabins Are First Come First Serve

We have primitive 2, 4, and 10 person cabins available. Cabins have electricity but no heat or linens. The 2 and 4 person cabins have bunks with mattresses. The 10 person cabins have no bunks but are equipped with fireplaces. The cabins do not cost any extra, but you must pre-register to reserve one.  The cabins are popular and book very quickly. 

If you do not reserve a cabin, come prepared to tent.


Pre-Registration Pricing :

  • Cabin pricing: includes price of cabin and entry to event and Friday and Saturday feasts
    2 man cabin: $50 - cabin + 2 entries
    4 man cabin: $100 - cabin + 4 entries
    10 man cabin: $250- cabin + 10 entries
    Prices reflect fees we pay to PayPal and other hosting site to sell the cabins. 

  • Tenting: $20/person (add $2 if registering online)
  • Traveler Discount:  If you are traveling 500 miles or more (verified using your drivers license) you will receive a  refund at the gate once your license & distance is verified.

Gate Pricing

  • Age 16+: $25
  • Ages 10-15: $10
  • Under 10: Free
  • Traveler Discount:  If you are traveling 500 miles or more (verified using your drivers license) you will pay $15.  



If you are 18 or older, you may sign a waiver at the gate.  If you are a minor, you must bring a notarized copy of the minor form with you.

Adult Beltane 2016 Waiver Form    Minor Beltane 2016 Waiver Form






More Information

For the latest information or assistance, please reach out to our facebook group or our facebook event page.