The outcome of four battle scenarios will decide which house is victorious.

Battle 1: Four Corners

first team to 5 victories wins the battle.


Battle 2: Allies & the siege

The Houses will pair up Grey Joy’s & Lannister’s vs. Stark’s & Targeryan’s.


The castle & it’s fortifications will bisect the field, extensions of the walls will be made from straw bales.  There will be 2 weak points in the wall were ladders can be used to scale the wall. The castle will have 2 ballistae which deal black damage. Victory is achieved either by running the other army out of lives or capturing the 2 flags in the castle.


The side laying the siege has 200 resurrections

The side defending the castle has 120 resurrections

If an army holds (defends) the castle for 10 minutes they receive 5 points bonus.

Timed castle fight: which pair of armies defends the castle the longest before the victory conditions are met.


Battle 3: Champions tourney

Each house will provide a Champion for a round robin tournament in a best of three fight. Each win is worth 5 points, the winner of the tournament fetches 20 extra points.


Battle 4: Crushing the Crowns

Four houses each with a leading lord.


The battle field will have lanes (like the league of legends game) with a few twists


House Grey Joy:

Leader can pass through the river lands (jungle walk) & has an spear that all strikes count as double green. Resurrect in groups of five.


House Lannister:

The leader has Vilerian Steel. All strikes from the leader of the Lannister count as red strikes (even stabs). The leader of house Lannister can give one Vilerian steel sword to be used amongst the members of his/her army, all strikes from this weapon count as red as well.  Resurrect in groups of five.


House Stark:

The leader of house Stark has immunity to all missiles (including Targeryan dragon fire). House Stark also has a Dire Wolf, the Dire Wolf has jungle walk & can wield only a single sword (blue/green) that deals red strikes.  Resurrect in groups of five.


House Targeryan:

The Leader for House Targeryan may only wield a single sword (blue/green). The leader of House Targeryan has a satchel with the specially marked rocks that are dragons fire the rocks do black damage & can only be touched by the Targeryan leader (no one else can kick, pick up or cover the special rocks this results in death) also the Targeryan forces Resurrect at will.