The outcome of four battle scenarios will decide which house is victorious.

  • Each battle has been updated with scoring details below their description.

  • All points will be tallied at the conclusion of the 4th battle, and a final score will be announced then & there.

Battle 1: Four Corners

first team to 5 victories wins the battle.


  • The winning army of each battle gets 10 points.

  • The army that wins the scenario receives 2 additional points.

  • Highest possible points achieved by a team: 52

Battle 2: Allies & the siege

Points will be scored for the end result of the battle and bonus points for performance during the battle.

So for this scenario, the houses will pair up onto sides as per the Game of Thrones story. On one side, House Lannister and House Greyjoy, and on the other House Targaryen and House Stark. One side will defend the Castle while the other assaults it. The scenario will run twice so each side has the opportunity to assault and defend.

This is a resurrection battle with a limited number of resurrections for each side. The assaulting side has 200 rez’s and the defenders have 120 rez’s. All rez’s are touch-and-go.

The field is bisected by the castle and outlying walls (straw bails). The castle has three entry ways and the assaulting force will have one siege ladder that can be used on any section of outlying wall to create a makeshift entryway.

The defenders have one ballista that fires arrows that do black damage.

The defenders also have a dragon located in a specific point in the castle. To activate the dragon, a member of the defending army must touch the dragon with their hand continuously for two minutes to activate the dragon’s rage, then set the rage loose on the opposing army. The dragon is aimed and then released in a straight line, destroying all allies & foes in it’s path (the dragon deals black damage). The dragon will stop when it comes in contact with the castle wall, the other (yes I said other) dragon, or reaches the edge of the battlefield. The dragon cannot be killed. The dragon has a two-minute cool down after it is fired.

The assaulting army has a dragon where all the same rules as above apply.

If the defending army is still holding the castle after 10 minutes, both defending houses will be awarded 5 bonus points. This bonus is only awarded once.


  • If the defending army holds the castle for 10 minutes they will receive 10 points for each

  • house on the defending side. If the defending side wins the battle in less than 10 minutes they will still receive this bonus.

  • If the defending army wins this fight they will receive 15 points per house.

  • If the assaulting army wins they will receive 20 points per house.

  • Highest possible points achieved by the assaulting team: 20

  • Highest possible points achieved by the defending team: 25

Battle 3: Champions tourney

Each house will provide a Champion for a round robin tournament in a best of three fight. Each win is worth 5 points, the winner of the tournament fetches 20 extra points.


  • Each match won by a champion will score 5 points for the represented house.

  • The champion that wins the tournament by winning the most overall matches will score an extra 10 victory points for the represented house.

  • Addition point will be awarded to 2nd & 3rd place:

    • 2nd: 4 points

    • 3rd: 2 points

  • Bonus: The house with the loudest supporters will fetch an additional 2 victory points, members of the participating houses are urged to cheer & chant for their champions prior to the onset of each fight.

  • Highest possible points achieved by the winner: 27

Battle 4: Crushing the Crowns

Four houses each with a leading lord.

The battle field will have lanes (like the league of legends game) with a few twists

House Grey Joy:

Leader can pass through the river lands (jungle walk) & has an spear that all strikes count as double green. Resurrect in groups of five.

House Lannister:

The leader has Vilerian Steel. All strikes from the leader of the Lannister count as red strikes (even stabs). The leader of house Lannister can give one Vilerian steel sword to be used amongst the members of his/her army, all strikes from this weapon count as red as well.  Resurrect in groups of five.

House Stark:

The leader of house Stark has immunity to all missiles (including Targeryan dragon fire). House Stark also has a Dire Wolf, the Dire Wolf has jungle walk & can wield only a single sword (blue/green) that deals red strikes.  Resurrect in groups of five.

House Targeryan:

The Leader for House Targeryan may only wield a single sword (blue/green). The leader of House Targeryan has a satchel with the specially marked rocks that are dragons fire the rocks do black damage & can only be touched by the Targeryan leader (no one else can kick, pick up or cover the special rocks this results in death) also the Targeryan forces Resurrect at will.


  • Points are earned when an army (one army) holds the center circle in the battle field. For every two minutes an army holds the center they gain 5 victory points.

  • Each rez gate herald will have color coded strips of fabric. For every strip of fabric an opposing army steals they will earn one bonus point, the team the fabric strip is taken from loses a point.

  • Highest possible points achieved by the winner: 45