battles!  Tournaments!  Vendors! Entertainment!  feast!


May 2 at 5 pm through May 5 at 9 am

Group Camp 1, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee

Pre-registration is not open yet.


Tentative Event Schedule


The high sparrow and crone will oversee pit fighting on the main field

A light feast of Dothraki Hearts (meatballs and buns) will be offered at the feast hall

The red priestess will be burning a heretic at the pavilion


The houses of Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy and Targaryen battle for dominance on the main field.

Feast menu is being planned. Check back later!

Game of Thrones cosplay competition

The ever popular casino night returns to the feast hall!


Battles continue on the main field

We caught the boar that killed King Rob! Gavin and Vokor are smoking the entire dang thing for feast

Casino night continues at the feast hall


We have primitive 2, 4, and 10 person cabins available. Cabins have electricity but no heat or linens. The 2 and 4 person cabins have bunks with mattresses. The 10 person cabins have no bunks but are equipped with fireplaces. The cabins do not cost any extra, but you must pre-register to reserve one.  The cabins are popular and book very quickly. 

If you do not reserve a cabin, come prepared to tent.


Troll Pricing (prices at gate):
$25 - ages 16+
$10- ages 10-15
Free ages 0-9
Day pass $10 - must be out of park by 7pm
Day pass with feast $15 - must be out of park after feast.

500 mile discount: $15 entry
Google maps must say you live a minimum of 500 miles away at the shortest route to qualify. Address used will be one on your drivers license

Waiver Forms

If you are 18 or older, you may sign a waiver at the gate.  If you are a minor, you must bring a notarized copy of the minor form with you.

Adult Waiver Minor Waiver


More Information

For the latest information or assistance, please reach out to our facebook group or our facebook event page.