battles!  Tournaments!  Entertainment!  feast!


May 3 at 5 pm through May 6 at 9 am

Group Camp 1, Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee

Pre-registration opens February 25 at 7pm Central Time



We have primitive 2, 4, and 10 person cabins available. Cabins have electricity but no heat or linens. The 2 and 4 person cabins have bunks with mattresses. The 10 person cabins have no bunks but are equipped with fireplaces. The cabins do not cost any extra, but you must pre-register to reserve one.  The cabins are popular and book very quickly. 

If you do not reserve a cabin, come prepared to tent.


Troll Pricing (prices at gate):
$25 - ages 16+
$10- ages 10-15
Free ages 0-9
Day pass $10 - must be out of park by 7pm
Day pass with feast $15 - must be out of park after feast.

500 mile discount: $15 entry
Google maps must say you live a minimum of 500 miles away at the shortest route to qualify. Address used will be one on your drivers license

Attention Minors

IF you are under 18 you will be REQUIRED to present the following items in order to get into Beltane. 
-You will need a chaperone who is over 21 to be with you at the gate. 
-You will need a notarized Beltane 2018 minor waiver signed by your parents.
-You will need a notarized letter from you parent stating the following: the name of the event, your name, the name of your chaperone, your parents signature.
Beltane minor waivers can be found on our website at

Event Details

Sir Takus (Warlord of the North)
Sir Forrest (Warlord of the East)
Warlord Shadow of Dur Demarion (Warlord of the South)
Neil of Viridian Hills(Warlord of the West).

How does a Warlord build his or her army? Well the old fashioned way of course, by luring them with riches and the promise of plunder. A warlord may reach an agreement with a fighter for a minimum of 10 silver pieces. The warlord may also reach agreements with unit leaders & realm representatives in order to draw entire units and realms to their ranks. However, if mass recruiting is used a roster of all members in the agreeable party must be listed and submitted to the Dur-Demarion Board for accounting purposes, and also the agreed upon price for the group of individuals in question. The minimum rate each fighter is valued at in a group bargaining agreement is 9 silver pieces, the minimum number of fighters needed to reach a group agreement is 6 total. (It is important that fighters whom a warlord has reached an agreement with are properly listed on rosters for the purposes of event accounting / logistics, especially as it pertains to food planning).

How are the silver pieces useful? Easy every person in attendance at Beltane 23 will receive a small pouch with 20 silver pieces for casino night Saturday evening. There will be many ways for you to earn and spend your silver through out the event. Silver can also be purchased at troll at the cost of $1 for 15 silver. If you would like to buy silver, you may only buy silver one time (for ease of tracking) and can only purchase $5 worth (so that it doesn't become 'pay to win')


  • Sable Swann
  • Good Basic Garb
  • All Spiritual Place
  • Blue Lotus Leather
  • Ladies of the Lace
  • Well of Life Essential Oils
  • Forged Foam
  • Fomeatheaus
  • The Twisted Unicorn
  • The Hearthside Handmaid
  • Crochet Fairy
  • Screaching Eagle Garb & Goods
  • Therapeutic Leaf Concoctions
  • Sinister Moon





More Information

For the latest information or assistance, please reach out to our facebook group or our facebook event page.