Sometimes, you can’t handle what’s going on in your life, so in your mind, you have to take a break. For a while, you’re not part of that world, the Mundane world, where everyone’s in a rush and everyone’s scrutinizing each other and everyone’s alone. We’re a family. We all stick together.
— Misty Daniels, Nashville Scene
It’s fun to watch and they’re always inviting to newcomers!
— 365 days of Music City
It looks like you could be sitting front and center at Medieval Times!
— Robin S, Yelp
Despite the serious atmosphere on the battlefield, the sidelines are filled with children and spectators enjoying the scene. The fighters welcome anyone interested, whether it’s just to chat or swing a sword.
— ettamaepocket.wordpress
There is a certain magic that takes place the first time you pick up a sword, but it does take some getting used to.
— Scott Marquart, Nashville Scene
It’s great for young people. They aren’t sitting inside rolling dice at a table. They’re outside getting fresh air.
— Yvonne Agostinho
Once you get hit for the first time, a primal part of the brain takes over. The strangest thing is how natural it all feels, even if you’ve never fought somebody before… it all happens so fast you’re left wondering who the stranger was that you turned into out there.
— Scott Marquart, Nashville Scene
You should definitely come out and learn. ...It’s a great outlet. It’s the best stress relief I’ve ever had.
— Maylon Hill
...You go to an event and… you have all this camaraderie and kinsman ship, and you’re like, “This is the best thing in the world — who could want more than this?”
— Angelina, Dur Demarion President