During our meeting at Beltane you mentioned that you would like a post event survey! So here is our first every vendor post event survey. 

Communication PRIOR to event was clear and timely.
Communication DURING the event was clear and timely.
Space provided for your booth was adequate.
There was enough time to set up before the event.
There was enough time to tear down after the event.
The number of vendors was satisfactory.
Other vendors sold items were too similar to mine.
Please also consider where Merchants Row was compared to other things at the event.
We are not miracle workers, but all reasonable requests will be discussed.
Did we have too many of one type, or not enough of another? Was it perfect?
This is our first time trying this, so please provide serious feedback. Was it user-friendly enough? Should we include a specific question in the future? Did you hate our questions?
How did you take this Survey?