Dur Demarion is a part of Belegarth (BEL-la-garth, which means "Great Realms" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Sindarin language). It is a medieval/fantasy foam fighting sport.

There are different levels of play: there are gatherings where a lot of people play at once, and there are small groups and teams that intermingle with other groups.

But most importantly, Belegarth is a semi-competitive sport where participants can strive to just enjoy playing with others or work at being physically and mentally the best fighter they can be. 

There are many ways to play, we have small events every weekend and many overnight and camping events throughout the year.

Belegarth participants are also not required to roleplay, although it is certainly encouraged. Many foam combat groups have races, classes, magic and roleplaying integrated into the gameplay. Belegarth's combat system is focused entirely on just that: combat. If you choose to roleplay, your character is limited only by your imagination; we have no rules regarding roleplaying and no combat advantages are given.